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“We couldn’t say enough about how helpful, pleasant and responsive everyone has been.”
“I just want to drop a quick ‘Thank you”’for your help in changing our flight plans from Pemba to Maputo. It was a dangerous and stressful situation in Pemba that required an immediate booking and South African Airlines was unable to make the flight changes quickly due to the operating hours of their Rate Center. We were able to safely fly out of Pemba to Maputo and continue on with the rest of the trip. Your prompt attention, ability to understand the situation, itinerary, and knowledge of the SA airline procedures was very helpful in ensuring a safe departure and to continue with the rest of the complex itinerary without a hitch!”

“Thank you so much for your assistance. You were pleasant, quick, and patient with me. All good customer-service qualities that are hard to come by.”
“Your service is so great we are spreading the word!”