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Welcome to Ministry Travel!

Welcome to Ministry Travel, Inc. As our name indicates, we are a specialized travel agency and travel management company with a primary focus: Travel for missionary and ministry clients. We have been doing this for a long time, and we are very good at what we do.

Ministry and missionary travel is different, and it should be. Our company, Ministry Travel, makes it better. Our years of experience, airline relationships and our award winning client service places at your disposal a travel company that will make a difference to your mission.

Missionary work is rewarding, dont let the risks deter your ministry

  • Improvising too much on your mission is risky, just leave it to us.
    Ministry and missionary travel can be too unpredictable and complicated to go it alone.

  • Tips to help your ministry afford their mission.
    Your Heart is in the Right Place, but Where will the Money Come From?
  • Our missionary travel consultants are here to help.
    Our missionary travel consultants are available to assist you with all your travel needs.
  • Prepare yourself with mission tips, links, and checklists
    Check out our Resources page, where we have provided various Mission tips, Mission links, and checklists to better prepare you for your mission.

Planning Your Mission

If you are planning a missionary ministry trip, contact our ministry travel counselors at 877-541-5726 today. It is never too early to allow us to help you obtain the details you need. Or, if you prefer, simply complete this simple, no obligation . We will get right to work researching and negotiating for you.

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We share your commitment to The Great Commission*, and Ministry Travel is in the greatest position to help your group fulfill it. Click Here to learn more

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