Destinations In Need: A Focus on Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador is a beautiful destination with amazing cultural attractions and a vibrant urban center. There are soccer (futbol) games, festivals, and architecture, yet the country is still firmly rooted in a third-world status. Many people here suffer from poverty and lack of resources like education, healthcare, and infrastructure development. Though Ecuador has an upper class, much of the population is still poor. Quito is a wonderful place for mission travel. This article aims to focus on Quito, Ecuador, and the populations served there.

Sharing the Spirit of Your Mission Trip with a Natural Disaster Survival Kit Fundraiser

The year of 2017 was racked with devastating weather across the planet. Hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides, and now the deep freeze that has taken us into the new year, disaster survival is on everyone's mind. Taking your next mission trip to help rebuild a community hit by a recent natural disaster will resonate strongly with your group participants and your entire congregation. You may even get an unusually high number of volunteers whose recent brushes with extreme weather has made them sensitive the thought of someone else's home getting washes away. Of course, plane tickets and disaster recovery supplies don't pay for themselves which is why mission trip groups are constantly running fundraisers.

5 Unusual Ways to Fundraise for Your Mission Trip

When you're planning a mission trip, getting everyone together, coordinating with the community at your destination, and making sure you have all the supplies for your charity work is only the beginning. After all, as important as good works are, they don't pay for themselves and neither does room and board for your team of missionaries and that means another round of fundraisers. Whether you do this every year or this is your very first big fundraiser for a mission trip, it helps to mix things up a bit. Everyone will be expecting you to do a garage sale or a car wash and while these can be a fantastic idea, communities usually go through several of these a year. Why not mix it up with something creative and refreshing? For your next fundraising project, consider one of these five unusual techniques.

The Mission Trip Ultimate Checklist

The first rule of packing for your mission trip is to fill as many suitcases as allowed for no extra charge. In addition to your necessities, fill your bag(s) with items that are in short supply or too expensive for the people you are visiting to purchase. If the airline allows an extra bag, you can purchase one for little cost at resale shops. Fill it and leave it at the mission. No matter where you go, someone needs a suitcase.