Seven Kid-Friendly Fundraising Ideas for Your Mission Trip

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If your church or organization is planning a mission trip, it may fall to families and the community to help out with fundraising. The great thing about this is you can get friends and family excited about an upcoming mission and let others get involved in sponsoring your trip if they would like to. If you can involve your entire family in helping out, this can be an extremely rewarding experience before your mission has even begun. Kids can learn about fundraising for a good cause, and gain some confidence along the way. Here are seven kid-friendly fundraising ideas that can help you get the kids involved in community fundraising for a common goal.

1. Set up a Bake Sale

While bake sales might seem like a lower-stakes way to fundraise for an upcoming trip, this type of fundraising can lead to so much more. Bake sales can get kids involved and raise their confidence levels in explaining to the community what they are raising money for and the goals around your mission and service. This can pique the interest of community members and might even lead to larger donations down the line. This can be a fun way for families to bake together and get items ready to sell before events as well.


2. Selling Raffle Tickets for a Choice Prize

If your town is having a local event such as a concert or fair, this can be a great time for kids to get out there and sell raffle tickets to raise money. If a member of your organization can donate a choice prize, this can garner more interest from the community. Smaller-priced raffle tickets can be an easy thing for kids to sell in a public setting and will help your organization meet their monetary goals. If you can set aside a smaller prize for the child that sells the most raffle tickets, this can be more of a competition for those involved, bringing in even more money for your cause.

3. Coordinate a Garage Sale

A great way to get families involved in fundraising is for everyone to clear out their closets and have a garage sale hosted by your organization. Families and kids can feel proud of donations to this cause, and can help in setting up the day of the sale. Kids especially can post flyers throughout the neighborhood, and invite those in the community to stop by the day of your event. This can a win-win since no money will need to be put up-front for this type of fundraising, and you can do a little family spring cleaning at the same time.

4. Host a Bingo Night

If your organization has the space and volunteers to hold a larger event, a bingo night hosted by your church or organization can be a fun, fast way to raise funds for an upcoming trip. Kids can spread the word ahead of time and can volunteer at the event by running concession stands, hosting face painting for other kids at the event, or setting up and breaking down the event. While bingo might not seem like a kid-friendly event, you can have a kid's bingo room and they can win smaller prizes so they can get in on the fun as well, and this provides child care for the adults at the event as well.

7. Coordinate a Walk-A-Thon or Read-A-Thon

A great way to get kids to especially take pride in fundraising is through a health-conscious walk-a-thon, where community members can sponsor walkers and donate on a per step/mile/kilometer basis depending on the set-up of the event. Similar to a walk-a-thon, kids can participate in a read-a-thon, which might be more inclusive of all children in your organization. By picking age-appropriate books by reading level and length, kids can set up challenges with sponsors to sponsor a certain amount per book read within a set time frame. This can be an educational experience for kids and might just be the positive spin that community members need to donate to your cause in a fun way.


5. Sponsor a Car Wash

While a car wash might sound like a traditional, basic fundraising activity, this doesn't mean it isn't fun for everyone involved, and it is still an effective fundraising tool. Car washes are great because kids can advertise with signs the day-of, and can even help with cleaning cars. This can be great if your organization has a parking lot in a populated, highly visible area. If not, you can partner with another local business to donate their parking lot for the event. This is a great event to host in the spring or summer, so keep seasons and weather predictions in mind when scheduling your event.

6. Host a Silent Auction

Another fun way to raise money for your organization is through a silent auction. This can either be done within your organization, or during a benefit that can bring in other members of the community. If people can write in their bids throughout a certain period of time and even do this online or over the phone, you might garner more participation. Auction gifts can be choice items, services, or trips that you can have members of the community donate to your cause. Kids can help out by spreading the word about the silent auction and what the prizes entail.

Fundraising for an upcoming mission trip can be an enriching experience for everyone involved, and kids and parents should have a fun time doing this. By reaching out to the greater community to help get involved, you will be able to spread the word about your upcoming good cause, which can sell it itself in some cases. If you have clever fundraising techniques to back you up, you'll get even closer to your goals. Kids might have a knack for fundraising in ways that adults won't, and it is worth it to make sure everyone brings what they can to the table to make your mission fundraising goals a reality.