Ministry Travel can help you organize all group travel through expert planning, incredible pricing discounts, and much more... 


One-Stop-Shop for Mission Group Travel

Just one call to Ministry Travel and we will coordinate virtually every aspect of your group’s travel requirements including airfare, ground transportation and transfers, insurance and in-route accommodations.

Enhanced Itinerary Planning Tools

Our sophisticated travel systems will compare global group travel routes and options to develop comprehensive travel recommendations for your group. You know where you need to be for your mission and we will help you best plan how to get there safely and affordably.

Special Missionary Group Airfare Contracts

We have negotiated airfare contracts for missionaries at an incredible discount. These contracts are with most major U.S. and International carriers and we always compare sources to ensure your group receives the lowest airfare prices possible.

Flexible Reservation and Ticketing Guidelines

Our special missionary group travel discounted airfare contracts allow for flexible reservations and ticketing terms. This includes enhanced reservation hold times, closer to departure purchasing, and open-ended return requirements.

We work with you to ensure your group has the best experience possible and can help with some important preliminary details such as:

Good Timing

When it might be the best time to go to the area you’re planning to visit. 

Airfare Estimates 

Projected, estimated costs for airfare and other related expenses. 

Deferred Billing

Deferred billing may be an option for your group and we work with several airlines that offer it. 

Ministry Travel can make sure your group travels together, combines its purchasing power, and takes advantage of any available group incentives.